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10 questions for Yoan Marc- Olivier.

Malishevasot: What is your name, and where are you from?

Olivier: My name is Yoan Marc-olivier. I’m from, London, England.

Malishevasot: Why did you choose the club FC MALISHEVA, to be part of it?

Olivier:The ambition of the club matched my ambitions, it’s a nice city with nice people.

Malishevasot: How many years have you played football?

Olivier: I’ve been playing football since the age of 6

Malishevasot: What do you think about the Malisheva people, and are they respecting you?

Olivier: The people are friendly

Malishevasot: Do you think there is racism in Kosovo, including Malisheva?

Olivier:Kosovo not so much, for the people in Malisheva some have never seen black people before and of them do not know how to act/behave when they see a black person.

Malishevasot: How old are you, and in what position do you play?

Olivier: I’m 21 and i’m a forward. Left Winger & Right Winger or a Striker.

Malishevasot:Do other football players of FC MALISHEVA respect you, and how do you deal with them?

Olivier:The team is ok still new so getting used to some players some players have welcomed me well

Malishevasot: How do you describe football, you as a footballer?

Olivier:Football is art in my opinion. You need to be free and enjoy it before anything.
Yes as a professional there are things that come into it but the main thing is to enjoy what you do because if you don’t enjoy it why are you doing it.

Malishevasot:Do you like the food in Kosovo, and how do you describe this country?

Olivier:The food is nice also the people are good it’s still a developing country

Malishevasot: Do you hope to join in Europe as a club, and you personally as a player?

Olivier:That’s why i came here to fight for Europe, we have a talented team and that’s the goal to compete for a place in Europe.

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